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“We like to know what’s inside a wine: nature, work, love. Stop. ”

For more than twenty years we have been respecting the European legislation on agriculture and organic production because we are convinced that a good wine should not harm anyone.
Believing in organic means giving value. To nature, life and man.
This is why we apply the bio techniques in the whole production process, from the earth to the table.

The earth is the mother of our nourishment.

It generates what allows us to keep us alive.
We take care of it carefully because we are aware that everything we use to grow it will produce effects on the state of health, those who work in the fields, those who live near the crops and those who will consume our products.

• We do not use any type of synthetic chemical.

• To combat insect invasion we only use substances that already exist in nature.

• Against the vine parasites, in particular the moth, we use natural bacilli.

• We use a number of natural pesticides such as sulfur and copper well below the limit imposed by the European Community.

• We promote biodiversity.
We safeguard and encourage the development of useful insects so that they cohabit in a perfect balance.
If only one of these prevails, in fact, it could infest and ruin the crops.

• We use only organic fertilizer.

• We do not work excessively on the ground. We mow the grass so that the residues return to the earth to feed it.

As well as in the fields, we continue to take care of our grapes also in the cellar. We believe that preserving is more useful than preserving.

• Our wines remain well below the limits allowed by the biological regulation on sulphites, registering about half of them.

• We increase the storage capacity of wine with an antioxidant treatment based on nitrogen.
We subtract the oxygen from the raw material with the vacuum technique, we blow the nitrogen and suck it. This allows to avoid as much as possible the contact with the oxygen that oxidizes the grapes and the wine.

• We encourage the conservation of the product with the cold technique: we keep the wine at a constant temperature of 15 ° C.

Did you know that organic is good?

Organic wine contains more substances useful for the human body than conventional wine.
Resveratrol for example, which protects the cardiovascular system as demonstrated by numerous researches.